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Gum Lift

Are you unhappy with your smile because too much of your gums show? This is commonly known as a “gummy smile,” and we can fix that common issue here at Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta.


This occurs because of an excessive overgrowth of gum tissue that covers the teeth. Many people feel embarrassed because of a gummy smile, but it can be corrected with a gum lift.


A gum lift (also called crown lengthening) is a reshaping procedure to correct a gummy smile or an uneven gum line. Crown lengthening can make the teeth appear larger and create a more balanced smile for increased self-confidence.

The first step occurs when our trained hygienist restores the gums to a perfectly healthy state. Healthy gum tissue is pink and complements and frames the teeth in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Unhealthy gum tissue is red, swollen, or uneven. We want your gums to be healthy.

Once the gum tissue is healthy and pink, we will evaluate the gum line for proper contours of tissue. A common problem, in addition to a gummy smile, is unsymmetrical gum tissue, which makes the teeth appear at different lengths.

A gum lift can fix these common problems, though.

Benefits of a gum lift

  • Gum lifts create longer/larger teeth for a more balanced smile.
  • Gum lifts make the teeth more proportional to each other.
  • Gum lifts create a fully exposed, radiant, and beautiful smile.
  • The procedure is typically completed in one office visit.


The gum restoration process is comprised of several simple steps, which include:

  • Gentle sedation by our trained dentist.
  • Gently raising the gums and/or removing a small part of the gum tissue by using a diode laser. Since the laser seals as it reshapes, stitches are not needed, and minimal bleeding occurs.
  • Contouring and repositioning of the gum tissue to create a symmetrical, attractive gum line. The bigger the change, the more likely that Dr. Gaylor will recommend a periodontist to surgically re-contour the gum tissue.

If the bone has to be altered in any way, Dr. Gaylor will make sure the gingival margin meets the ideal 3-millimeter location from the edge of the bone. Upon doing so, the bone may need to be altered or re-altered.

Rest assured, the recovery time will be minimal for the gum tissue to heal after the gum lift procedure.

The gum lift procedure in Atlanta, GA

Rest assured, Dr. Marilyn Gaylor is trained and experienced with the gum lift procedure. She loves creating beautiful, healthy smiles! Call today for your appointment to see if you are a candidate for a gum lift.